How can you deliver mandatory Health & Safety training to your workforce, remain legally compliant and save 4.5 hours per week?

By replacing it with Microtraining 🚀


The best way to understand how Microtraining can transform your business is to see it for yourself.


The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Use the calculator to estimate how much production time you could be losing every year using outdated 80s-style manual training methods.



Find out exactly how much time and money your business could lose annually due to operating outdated, inefficient, costly onsite training methods.


What our clients say about Tribuco

"We wanted to bring health and safety to life, and the best way of doing that is through videos. It’s definitely the way forward for providing simple, effective health and safety training to our clients across a breadth of industries".

- Louise Mackenzie

Director at H&S Consultants (UK) Ltd

"As a company, we have really embraced Tribuco. It is an immensely helpful product that meets our company’s H&S training requirements and development needs perfectly.

We are incredibly happy with our investment. It is exactly what we have been looking for without even realising how much we needed it".

- Colin Wrightson

Managing Director at Secure Tech Systems Northeast Lltd

"Better than sitting in the cabin listing to someone rattle on for hours...Good app and simple to use".

- Gordon Foster

Foreman Electrician at Burncliffe Electrical Ltd

Traditional H&S training is costly and inefficient

Why Should You Care?

With the ever-increasing demand for skilled employees, it is necessary to ensure workers can be brought up to speed quickly and are informed, understand and comply with health and safety measures on the job, and meet the quality control expectations of the business they represent and the task at hand. 

In the TikTok / YouTube generation, people worldwide learn to dance, paint, replace a headlight, make lasagne install a tile floor, all from online videos. 

This kind of on-demand content, presented in micro-segments, is the future of learning.  

It is simpler to digest, can be targeted to one or a few specific tasks at a time, and is self-driven, which increases focus, comprehension and retention. 

Tribuco solves this problem by bringing outdated, expensive 80s-style mandatory training into the 21st century.  

We offer fully customisable, easily digestible Micro-training videos which can be watched over and over in the app, assigned to specific workers, teams or work locations, and tracked with detailed analytics. 

This 21st-century approach to workplace training leads to a healthier, safer workplace, higher production/quality output, increased protection against H&S claims and a greater sense of control and autonomy in your workforce.  

Our state-of-the-art analytics and tracking system is designed for ongoing improvement and flexibility as industry demands and tomorrow's workforce continue to evolve.

A training solution perfectly designed for an era of hectic schedules and short attention spans

"Better than sitting in the cabin and easy enough to use."

- Billy T1997

"I find the manager app easy to use, enables me to easily check if the guys on site have done their training"

- Malcolm Thompson

"Easy to use. Works well. I find the ability to go back and review videos a great feature."

- Wayne Westwood

Discover how much on-site training and poor quality is costing your business

Are you continually grappling with poor quality and costly reworks?

Ensuring that your employees and contractors are fully informed, and they understand and comply with the quality control expectations of your business and the task at hand will be critical to your company's performance as we progress with the next generation of workers.

The first-time quality process is a revolutionary methodology specifically formulated and designed to work in unity with the Tribuco platform and app.

Implementing the first-time quality process will enable you to deliver highly accurate and targeted trade-specific quality control training videos to ensure that you automatically increase quality and drive down costly reworks.

If you want further information on the first-time quality process and how it can slash the costs of poor quality and reworks within your business, hit the button below.

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